The "ProgramLab" company is engaged in the development of educational equipment and stands for the study of electronics and information technology. When working with the complexes, real conditions are imitated and their use is much cheaper and more efficient than working with real equipment, due to their interactivity. On specialized educational stands for a student, any situation can be simulated, the reproduction of which on real equipment is impossible or is fraught with unjustified risks. For example, training complexes on information security of control systems allow emulating network attacks and practicing the protection of technological process control systems. You can familiarize yourself with the implemented projects in more detail: Educational complexes for information security in industrial systems How to order information technology and electronics training equipment? Available "you can choose and buy ready-made training equipment, or you can contact us to order an individual development. For all questions regarding the selection of educational equipment, you can contact our specialists by e-mail: or by phone: 8 (800) 550-89-72. You can also contact us with any request through the chat on the site and we will promptly answer you!