"ProgramLab" develops educational equipment and software for students and professionals studying in areas related to the overall theme of "aviation and cosmonautics". Stands and training facilities allow to study the structure and design of aircraft of various samples: from light-engine and military transport aircraft to intercontinental ballistic missiles and rocket and space aircraft systems. Training simulators presented in this section allow you to get the skills of operation and maintenance of aircraft and aviation equipment, to study the device of aircraft engines: turbojet aircraft engines helicopter turboshaft engines solid fuel and liquid rocket engines. The training equipment makes it possible to work out the technique of engine maintenance both on physical training stands and with the help of virtual reality training systems. You can order a virtual stand, simulator or software for your PC. Development of educational complexes is carried out with the use of drawings and documentation on real samples of equipment and on the basis of results of computer modeling of processes, consulting support of specialists of the profile enterprises is also actively used. All this allow to create training complexes that reliably simulate the working conditions of real machinery and equipment. How to order a training complex in the field of aviation and astronautics? In the "in stock" section you can choose a ready-made training complex or order individual development of equipment. For all questions of selection of the educational equipment, please contact us by e-mail: info@pl-llc.ru or call: 8 (800) 550-89-72.